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Traditional Argentinean "Sandwiches de Miga"

Our "Sandwiches de Miga" are made in the same way as in Argentina, starting by the making our own dough. All sandwiches de miga are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and making them in Argentina.

Traditional Argentinean Pasta

Our "Pasta"is freshly made from scratch in an Argentinean style, brought by the Italian immigrants.

An Argentinean tradition, sorrentinos are raviolis shaped in a circle, stuffed with ham, cheese and ricotta.

Canelones (Cannelonni)
Cannelonni are cylindrical type of pasta generally served baked with a filling and covered by different types of sauces.

Ravioles (Ravioli)
Traditional filled pasta from Italy, made with a filling sealed between two layers of egg pasta dough, usually served with a pasta sauce.


We make a variety of fresh, crisp, delicious salads using the freshest ingredients, always giving preference to local produce.

Our salads include "Caesar Salad", "Baby Mix and green Apples", "Greek Salad", "Antipasto Salad", "Spinach Salad" and any other salad that you may request.


Soups are a preferred dish by many of our clients, especially on winter. Catering for parties or meeting also commonly include soup orders, always made from scratch and good for your body and to renew energies.

Tartas (Traditional Argentine Savory or Sweet Tarts) 
All tarts are 10' and made from scratch using the freshest ingredients

Our tarts are made from scratch following traditional Argentinean recipes used by generations. We use fresh ingredients and not only the recipe is traditional and well tested, the cooking methods and process also come from generations of home cooking.

Some tarts are "Pascualina (chard quiche)", "Ham and Cheese", and the traditional "Pastrafola Argentina (traditional sweet tart)".

Bakery & Sweets

We also offer baked goods and sweets, as all of our products, freshly created from scratch. Specials orders are also welcomed such as pies with particular toppings.

Bakery products include "Strawberry Cheesecake", "Cookies", and "Seasonal Cookies".