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Empanadas - Delivery and Catering
Empanadas Argentinas, Chilenas, Peruanas, Uruguayas, Colombianas, Venezolanas and the Middle East (Fatay)

Our Empanadas are made from scratch with fresh ingredients using the traditional recipes from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela and the Middle East.

One of our biggest satisfactions is to create excellent food products that are product of love for our craft,almost obsessive attention to details, respect for tradition, and true care for our customers.

We make and deliver empanadas from a dozen to a part of a full catering, all made with the same attention to detail and delicious traditional taste.

Empanadas Argentinas - Argentinean Empanadas

Argentinean empanadas, traditionally made of meat (empanda criolla) and of corn (humita), can also be made of chicken, spinach, an other ingredients. Another traditional one is Empanada Salteña which also has potato.

Empanadas Chilenas - Chilean Empanadas

Chilean empanadas, traditionally are made of cut meat, onions, one olive, a piece of boiled egg and raisins. The only difference with the Argentine ones are the dough, size, and shape.

Empanadas Peruanas - Peruvian Empanadas

Peruvian empanadas is similar to Argentinean and Chilean empanadas, except that the olive is Kalamata or black olive. They may also use "ají de gallina", a blend of chicken, bread, cheese, and spices.

Empanadas Colombianas - Colombian Empanadas

Colombian empanadas (and Venezuelan empanadas)has a different dough made from corn, and it has tomato, potato, and cut beef.