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Why we care about making great Empanadas and Argentine food.

Our Empanadas are made from scratch with fresh ingredients using the traditional recipes from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela and the Middle East.

One of our biggest satisfactions is to create excellent food products that are product of love for our craft,almost obsessive attention to details, respect for tradition, and true care for our customers.

We make and deliver empanadas from a dozen to a part of a full catering, all made with the same attention to detail and delicious traditional taste.

Origins of the Argentine Empanada

As traditional as the Tango, the Argentine Empanadas, or turnovers, are a staple dish and part of the Argentine culture. The turnover has origins in th Middle East, indeed in Arabia. Although also references exist that comes from the old Persia, centuries before Christ. Most probably they were created to allow easy transportation and eating of a tasty meal, in a sense they are"self packaged", they are easy to re-heat, and you can eat it with your hands. the Moors brought it to the Iberian Peninsula, and the Spanish conquerors to Latin America.

Long time ago the turnover was a cut stuffed pie cut in two in the form of a half moon. Throughout Latin America, this pastry was locally modified with native products from each country. It has different variants such as more or less substantial, more or Iess sharp and spicy. The cooking methods also became different, traditionally heated in an typical oven or one made from mud, as well as fried.

Argentine is not an exception, there are some differences between different geographies resulting in the empanadas Salteñas, Tucumana and Gallega. Besides being a very flavorful meal, turnovers contain proteins, iron, fiber, phosphorus and several vitamins while having a low content in fat and cholesterol.