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Empanadas, Sandwiches and Pasta - Delivery and Catering
Empanadas de Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Gallegas and the Middle East (Fatay)

Our empanadas are made using a traditional family recipes, filling them with a variety of flavors.

The fillings usually consist of spinach, beef, chicken, or fish, all mixed with fresh vegetables and spices. We have 14 exquisite flavor combinations, as well as delicious sweet fillings for dessert.

We make and deliver Argentine, Chilean, Colombian, Ecuatorian, Bolivian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern (Fatay) Empanadas.

Sandwiches de Miga
Traditional Argentine Sandwiches

Our sandwiches are made from scrach! We bake our own argentine bread to bring traditional argentine sandwiches de miga to your table.

We have a big variety of flavors and conbinations. Make your order and enjoy them all.

Pastas and Other Argentine Traditional Food
Pastas, Tartas, Milanesas, Pollo Asado o Asado de Tira!

Argentina traditional dishes all made from scrach and with the freshest ingredients!

We proudly deliver and cater delicious Argentine food to help spread our beatiful culture or to fully indulge in those nostalgic days!

Sandwiches Combinations

  • Jamon y Queso
  • Jamon, Tomate y Huevo
  • Queso, lechuga y tomate
  • Lechuga, Huevo y Queso
  • Palmito, Queso y Huevo
  • Queso Roquefort, Morron y Huevo
  • Turkey and Provolone
  • Jamon Crudo, Morron y Queso


  • De Carne
  • De Pollo
  • Jamon y Queso
  • Humita
  • Caprese
  • Mashrooms
  • Gallegas
  • Saltenas
  • Chilenas
  • Fatay

Pastas - Tartas - Others

  • Sorrentinos
  • Ravioles
  • Canelones
  • Tarta Pascualina
  • Pastafrola
  • Asado de Tira
  • Pollo al Limon
  • Milanesas
  • Milanesa Napolitana