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Empanadas, Sandwiches and Pasta
Delivery and Catering
Empanadas Argentinas, Chilenas, Peruanas, Uruguayas,
Colombianas, Venezolanas and the Middle East (Fatay)

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Empanadas and Tartas
Best Traditional Empanadas

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Our empanadas are made using a traditional family recipe originating from our ancestors, who hand-made the turnovers, filling them with a variety of flavors.
The fillings usually consist of spinach, beef, chicken, or fish — all mixed with fresh vegetables and spices. We have 14 exquisite flavor combinations, as well as delicious sweet fillings for dessert.

We make and deliver Argentinean, Salteñas, Chilean, Colombian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern (Fatay) Empanadas.

Sandwiches de Miga
Argentinean Sandwich

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Jamon y Queso
Jamon, Huevo y Morron
Jamon, Tomate y Huevo
Queso, Lechuga y Tomate
Lechuga, Huevo y Queso
Palmito, Huevo y Queso
Queso Roquefort, Morron y Huevo
Jamon Crudo y Queso
Jamon Crudo, Morron y Queso


Traditional home-made style

Catering | sandwich | panini | veggie | ham | meat | stanford  | corporate | party

Sorrentinos: 4 cheese; ham, ricotta and nuts; shrimp, ricotta and nuts.

Ravioles: 4 cheese; whole wheat vegan ravioli; and mixt.

Canelones: Argentinean style.


Home-made style empanadas (turnovers) and Pasta
family business

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The Empanada's King is a family business started in 2007 with the purpose of providing the highest quality empanadas, sandwiches de miga, milanesas, pasta and more while maintaining our home-style cooking.


We make our empanadas and other disches with the recipes that our ancestors used in Argentina for many years, since we were kids. We pride in continuing this tradition by paying attention to every detail including frest ingredients and making everything from scratch.


The "true taste" and quality of every empanada, sandwich de miga, pasta or other medish we may offer you is our craft, which we combine with timely deivery and a great price - we invite you to try us!